Welcome to our website: Wyvern Realm!

Created for our Ark Twitch Stream Channel & go to information for our Wyvern Army Community!

Featuring L1L F3Ll4, a UK Steam Ark Survival Evolved Twitch Streamer who’s been streaming since Sept 2018 and enjoying it immensely.

Angelbee86, L1L’s other half, has also now joined the fold, duo streaming with L1L_F3LL4 when she can, she has been streaming since the late stages of early of 2019!

We don’t have a set schedule due to our shift based jobs however we post our stream starts on Twitter, Facebook, Discord & Instagram!

Currently Streaming the following Games on the Twitch Channel:

  • Ark Survival Evolved

We may stream some other games depending on how we feel & if we hit our Bitties Bonus Stream Goal!

  • Sims 4
  • Cities Skylines
  • The Isle
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Other

The duo streams we tend to troll each other when streaming together, its just our usual banter as a couple, you may also get to see our two wonderful cats Abbie & Pandora, who sometimes might feel like gate crashing onto the cam, and you might also get to see Angelbee86 doing some knitting and showing her skills off!

The Sites Main Purpose:

  • Centralise all information regarding the L1L F3LL4 Twitch Channel, Community Information & Relevant Links
  • A promotional space for streamers Supported by L1L F3LL4 to have a place to promote their Twitch Channels & other relevant content (Blogs/Photos/Other)
  • A place to share information regarding all things Twitch

We wanted a place in which we could put all of our Channel’s info / social profiles / twitch-channel / discord links /Game Info in a easy to find place and at the same time a promotional space for Streamers that we support to help grow and new make friends!

In time, we hope the site will become soo much more than just for our Twitch Channel information, but for now enjoy checking it out andwe’ll see you in stream!