WA Sub Perks

03/21/2019 0 By L1L_F3LL4

The new Sub Tier Perks are now live!

  • Tier 1 – Personalised Stream Join Event (A message that announces your arrival in the stream chat) / Personalised Feels Command (similiar to Soonergirl87’s one in Boogs stream)
  • Tier 2 – Personalised BRB Command / WB Command
  • Tier 3 – Personalised Troll Command (this can be in the form of you being trolled or you trolling L1L F3LL4)

NOTE: The above features may be given regardless of Sub Tier on the discretion of L1L F3LL4

Please DM me on Discord what you would like text wise for the above commands depending on what Sub Tier you are, I will also check if you are a Sub as well before I do it