Welcome to the Wyvern Army Minecraft server, owned & hosted by our Community Member Jugulargrunt.

This is a modded server with the Enhancecraft Mod Pack created by Blazingstardude.

  • Jugulargrunt – Owner / Server Admin
  • Blazingstardude – Server Admin

To be able to join the server the following requirements are needed:

  • Follow on Twitch
  • Join the Discord
  • Be Subbed to the Channel (Sub only server)
  • Active in the Stream & Discord

Note: You will need to provide your Steam ID to be added to the servers whitelist which will enable you to join.

Modpack: Enhancecraft Mod Pack

Minecraft Server Rules:

  • #1 Gentleman’s rules
    • Don’t Steal from other players chests. –
    • Dont destroy other peoples buildings or belongings. –
    • Dont steal the items people drop on death. – Don’t take items without paying in shops.
  • #2 No hacking
  • #3 Respect admins and owner
  • #4 No bad language / dont use forbidden words.
  • #5 No afk farms.
  • #6 Be respectfull to all the people on the server, their beliefs and sexual orientations.

All breaches of the rules will be punished by:

  • warning -24hr ban
  • 7 day ban
  • 1 month ban
  • perma ban

Admins and owners will decide the severity of the breach of rules and punish according.

If there are questions pm the server owner on discord (jugulargrunt#1675)

If you agree to the rules please join the discord and sign in the Minecraft Server Rules Channel !iagreetobepixeled This will send a read & sign receipt to a private channel for the Admins.