WA Prim+ Server


Welcome to the Wyvern Army Primitive+ hosted on our The Center Map, our main Vanilla Ark server.

If you looking for a vanilla server, and a challenge this is the server for you!

No Stat or Rate changes other than a small change to breeding etc, this is as Vanilla as it can get!

Come join a fun and friendly community; test your metal and survival skills, will you survive the Ark?

We follow the Twitch TOS: however we require you to be at least the age of 18+ & join the Wyvern Army discord to sign the server rules before you can join so that we are able to communicate any server updates or changes etc.

Support The WA Servers

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Server Access

Please join the discord to get server join information from L1L_F3LL4 or one of his Server Admins / Mods and to read/sign the server rules, also give a follow on Twitch to show some love!

We will also need your Steam ID to add you to our Servers Whitelist which will then allow access, this is extra security to stop trolls joining & to make it easier to manage the server when dealing with unruly players.

Prim+ Spots

  • The Center (Prim+) – 15 Spots

General Multipliers

  • XP – 1.0
  • Harvesting – 1.0
  • Harvesting Health – 1.0
  • Taming Speed – 3.5

Character Stats

  • Vanilla

Wild Dino

  • Vanilla

Tamed Dinos

  • Vanilla

Breeding Rates

  • Mating Interval – 1.0
  • Egg Hatch Speed – 3
  • Baby Mature Speed – 3.0
  • Baby Food Consumption – 1.0
  • Lay Egg Interval -0.5
  • Baby Imprint Stat Scale – 1.0
  • Baby Cuddle Interval – 0.8
  • Baby Cuddle Grace Period – 3.0
  • Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality – 1.0

Wild Dino Levels

  • Capped at 300