WA Server Rules

The Wyvern Army Server Community is part of the L1L F3LL4 Twitch Channel that love exploring Ark, everything that it has to offer, on top of being creative and building some amazing bases!

It’s all about having fun, being creative, doing cool stuff together and helping each other with the basis being a fun ark community to be part of.

General Rules for the Wyvern Army Servers

  • Do not share the Ark Server passwords with anyone, only L1L_F3LL4 & his Community Team have permission to give these details out to new people who have signed the server rules & joined the Ark Communtiy
  • Ensure you read and fully understand the rules before playing as ignorance is not an excuse
  • Be Respectful to all members of the community that play on the Ark Servers.
  • Servers follow the same guidelines as Twitch Terms of Service

Join Requirements to Play

To join the Wyvern Army Ark Servers you need to meet the following requirements:

  • 18+ in age
  • Follow L1L_F3LL4 on Twitch
  • Join the Wyvern Army Community Discord
  • Active in the discord & Twitch Stream
  • Steam ID will need to be provided for the Servers Whitelist Access

The above is to allow you to engage & be part of the WA Community

  • Special exemptions may be made for the age rule
  • Access to the Ark Servers may be withheld before we allow you on
  • At the discretion of the Wyvern Army Ark Server Council / Ark Tribe Wyvern-nite Staff, in addition to approval from L1L.

If found to be deceiving about your age or a serious breach of the Server Rules, this will result in a ban from the Ark Cluster and Discord. .

Personal Information

  • Do NOT post or direct users to private information about other players
  • This information and people’s personal lives should not be involved in a video game
  • Anyone found posting such information will be given a First warning, continuing to do so will result in a ban. This is for the safety of those on the server and those who may be streamers.


  • New members to the Ark Cluster will need to link their discord / in game character name together, this is so that if your in-game name differs to your discord name it is easier to identify who someone is when using in game / discord Ark Server Chat.
  • This cane be done by typing the following command in game by using /setdiscord [Discord name with #no.] e.g. /Setdiscord L1L_F3LL4#9960, follow instructions in game when they appear to authenticate.

Community Bases

  • Any dinos with the [COM] or COM abbreviation at the Community bases on Valguero & Crystal Isles are dinos that are for the community to use, please make sure you return them at the end of the day
  • Vaults or refrigerators that are labelled COM or [COM], are for community use, any vaults or refrigerators with DO NOT USE are off limits
  • Community Generators & fuel in them are off limits, they are there to keep things powered at the community bases
  • All crafting benches/tables at the COM bases are for the use of community members
  • Keep community bases tidy, do not just dump COM or your own dinos there randomly, a tidy base is a happy base
  • Please help keep the community resources stocked when able to

Teleporters (Ark Cluster ONLY)

  • Please ensure you name your base teleporter so people know who’s it is
  • Ensure when teleporting from other people’s teleporters you ensure that their dinos etc are not caught in the teleporting bubble radius, if you accidentally teleport someone’s dino[s] with you please return it
  • Teleporter locations should only be used to teleport to areas of the maps you need to get to, please do not hang around other player’s bases without their prior permission
  •  No abuse of Awesome Teleporter Mod (Base to Base Travel / Obelisk / Hard to reach areas Access ONLY)

Player Bases

  • 2 Bases max per player on each server
  • If you would like to visit someone’s base to look at it etc please ask permission prior to doing so
  • Do not take any dinos or resources etc that belong to another player, if found stealing etc this will result in action being taking, which may include a ban from the Ark Cluster & Community Discord based upon info fact finding


  • This is not allowed, full stop
  • Hacks,
  • Map glitches
  • Bots (macros are okay).
  • If caught Meshing, you will be Banned, we are all here to have fun

Accounts, Player Names & Tribe Names

  • Only one forum/game account per user.
  • No offensive names.
  • Players must join the Wyvern Army Tribe and no other tribes are allowed
  • Players cannot “impersonate” other tribes or players, if there is confusion it’s up to the player to publicly correct the problem in game chat. Your player name cannot be something with derogatory terms, swear words, etc.; if the admin feels the name is offensive you will be asked to change it


  • Building on obelisks or their respective craters is not allowed.
  • Building in caves (land or underwater) are permitted so long as they do not prevent access to any unique resources such as artifacts or drops (caves without unique resources can be used).
  • We ask, that you do not build in or Around Artifact caves. What this means, is that you cannot keep another Tribe member from accessing these caves .
  • Non-Artifact caves/underwater caves are fine. If found blocking or keeping people from being able to safely [as safe as game allows] to raid caves/gather artifacts.
  • You will be asked once to relocate. Refusal will result in a 1 week ban and your build will be admin demolished. No building around structures (wall/turrets) to prevent players from accessing caves or obelisks.

General Areas

  • Placing foundations/pillars to claim land or to block mass amount of resource spawns is also disallowed and may result in your structure being removed or entire tribe’s structures wiped (if excessive).
  • Structures that are abandoned or made demolish-able will be auto-demolished by the server and/or Admins.
  • This is to help reduce lag on the server, as well as keep the server open for many people.
  • If there is somewhere you wish to build and have trouble, please message @L1L_F3LL4#9660 on discord, he is more than willing to work with you in a manner to keep lag at a minimum.
  • PvP is not allowed on the server, however if its verbally agreed by both parties then you may PvP each other, just remember to keep it fun!

Streamers Streaming

  • We have several Streamers who frequently stream Ark from WA Ark Cluster, please follow these simple rules.
  • DO NOT interrupt that process.
  • Please do not complete any buildings they are working on, build super close to their location
  • Take any of their dinos and/materials/resources or go out of your way to ‘stream snipe’ them without their express permission.
  • WA Servers are currently PvE. PvP is allowed if both parties have agreed to it beforehand.
  • DO NOT TROLL. Having fun and joking around with willing participants is not only okay but encouraged.

Any Questions, feel free to DM @L1L_F3LL4#9660 Prior to agreeing, or if a question arises after agreeing. If you agree to the rules above please type !iagreetobearky below in this channel.

Please realise these rules may change as we grow. We will do our best to keep you up to date and informed in a timely manner. We’re here to have fun as a community and enjoy something that we all love, see you in Ark!